The SECRET is to learn everything you can about the music business through a mentor. Talent and your own comprehension can only get you so far, you also need advanced knowledge and a winning mindset to achieve your goals.

We know you want to succeed. How do we know? Because you are reading this right now. 

YOU are not allowing failure to be a possibility. SUCCESS is the only way forward and you are going to do everything you can to get to the top and achieve your goals!

So how are you going to smash your goals? The answer is simple. From this day forward you will GROW everyday. You are going to push yourself harder than ever before to reap the glory.

Our online mentorship program will push you to your goals! Our team have worked in the music business for many decades, we know how it works. We also know why mistakes are made and we know how to avoid them!

YOU WILL too once you start learning through our mentorship program. 

Sadly, far too much content online is incorrect or outdated. Also, the best information is not available for musicians through the form of videos and blogs etc. If it was all accurate and failure-proof then why are so many musicians setting goals and not achieving them? Do not rely on YouTube and positive quotes to grow your career. You need more substance!

☆ Members have a chance to receive a £500 non-repayable grant for growth (two active members selected at random every month).

All Music Business Areas Covered
Invaluable Lessons To Complete

☆ Challenges.

☆ Downloadable resources.

☆ Mindset growth.

Features And Benefits

“You will never find a music mentorship program like this anywhere else. There is a small investment of £14.99 per month, but serious musicians realise that this investment is tiny compared to the results which come out of the other side.”

You now have a choice. Push forward or miss out?

We guarantee that you will notice results if you stick to the mentorship program. Your mindset will match those at the top, and your new found knowledge and habits will push you forward. Cancel anytime.

Join The Membership Program

Global Sound Group work with some of the world’s most recognised labels and music contacts including Sony, Universal, BBC, Bauer, Global PLUS MANY MORE!.


You will receive a unique username and password once a member.

Once logged in, you will be able to work through the program at your own pace.

You can work through the program as and when it suits your schedule.

Yes, we work with each student individually. We have a live chat platform which will allow you to ask us any questions.

Nope. It is all independent study with mentors on hand through live chat to offer support if required but they will never nag or annoy you.

It is an ongoing program. Even musicians who reach their goals continue to allow them to keep growing.

We highly doubt you will request to cancel. But, if you do, then you can do so quickly.

Areas Covered

Marketing, Growth, Mindset, Leadership, Public Relations, Social Media, Gigs, Sales, Finance, Sync, Radio, Magazines, Hype, Fans, Innovation, Writing Hit Music, Charts, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Design, Branding, Identity, Touring, Raising Capital, Investments, Record Labels, Publishing, Deals, History, Trends, The Future, Longevity, Habits, Management, Delegation plus many more!

Find Out If You Will Benefit From The Program

2 months from now, how do you feel?

Are you someone who is committed to achieve goals?

Would you consider yourself a serious musician?

Do you believe that knowledge is power?

Do you think your music is good enough?

You will benefit from the mentorship program.
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